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Run 3 icon

Run 3
Run 3 is the latest installment of the fast-paced distance game. Run through the restricted area, jump over holes or spin the path to get as far as po
Extreme Heli Boarding icon

Extreme Heli Boarding
Shred through the stars. Logs and pigs are the only things that stand in between you and some wicked air.
Ping Pong icon

Ping Pong
Have a relaxing game of ping pong against the computer.
13 Days in Hell icon

13 Days in Hell
Is this what hell is like? 13 Days In Hell is a dark and creepy shooting game with rich 3D graphics and a very intense atmosphere. Shoot your way thro
Maus Force Attack icon

Maus Force Attack
Some flying shoot 'em up action from the Mausland guys.
Armed with Wings 2 icon

Armed with Wings 2
Embark on a journey to reclaim your lost throne, seeking out the 4 Blades of Eden. Its destructive power is the key to defeating the new emperor, Arme
Electricman 2 icon

Electricman 2
Play a charged electricman in this cultish stickman action game. With 4 different levels and 4 different kinds of enemy holograms - deliver high volta
Red Moon icon

Red Moon
Use the power of the Red moon to overthrow the king and reclaim the kingdom.
Angelina Jolie Dress Up icon

Angelina Jolie Dress Up
Angelina Jolie Dress Up is totally addicting dress-up game fun. Makeover Angelina Jolie. Drag and drop pages with plenty of different outfits to choos
DJ Fest 2 icon

DJ Fest 2
Try to be the best DJ on the wheel, hitting the highest scratching score. Choose between two hot DJs and just follow the beat. Try to stay in the midd
Flash Tuning Car icon

Flash Tuning Car
Tune up your car! Choose your vehicle, change colors and add custom parts as you please, can you create the perfect car?
Speed Dating icon

Speed Dating
Speed dating is hot! Try to get as many dates as possible in record time!
Crazy Flasher 4 icon

Crazy Flasher 4
A free online topdown action game. Help Andy to complete all his mission and discover the storyline of 'the crazy flasher 4'.
Run Jerry Run icon

Run Jerry Run
Tom caught Jerry sneaking some cheese again. Help Jerry avoid running into things while he runs from Tom the cat.
Woman on Top icon

Woman on Top
Jump from platform to platform as you move higher until you reach the top for a kiss from the hottie.
Super Playboy icon

Super Playboy
On a superhero planet somewhere in the universe, there was a man with great powers. He had a beautiful girlfriend, but still he cheated on her. And th
Camp Kissing icon

Camp Kissing
Would you like to play the role of a lovely Cupid and help these two love birds kiss each time they have the chance, during their first summer camp to
Charlize Theron Make up icon

Charlize Theron Make up
This pretty famous movie star needs a make up. You have quite number of clothes and other outfits to choose from and many accessories to get started w
Lucky Kisses icon

Lucky Kisses
Help this romantic couple to kiss each other in every setting while avoiding nosy bystanders who always try to catch somebody kissing.
Valentine's Day Kissing icon

Valentine's Day Kissing
Our kissing couple has planned to spend a great Romantic Valentine's Day in the cinema, on the beach near to the sea, and outdoor in front of their ho
Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow icon

Ho Ho Ho Yellow Snow
Draw shapes in the snow with Santa's pee. Connect the numbers together to create Christmas art.
Sponge Bob Square Pants: Jellyfish Shuffleboard icon

Sponge Bob Square Pants: Jellyfish Shuffleboard
The object of the game is to shuffle your jellyfish towards the end of the board and land on the markers to score maximum points. You can even play he
Volcano Flight Control icon

Volcano Flight Control
You're flying an airplane during the eruption of the famous Icelandic volcano.
Bowman icon

Hit your target, before you get hit! Just drag the mouse to choose your angle, then try to hit the target.
Heli Intrusion icon

Heli Intrusion
Survive waves of invading hostile helicopters! Shoot them with your cannon and try to make them rotate til they explode.
Deep Sea Kissing icon

Deep Sea Kissing
The mermaid couple is in love and they would like to kiss each other. Therefore help the couple to kiss, but beware of the hazardous fish around. Acco
4x4 Football icon

4x4 Football
Football of new generation. 4 players and 4 gates. Control both your players and score goals to both opponents gates.
White Jumping icon

White Jumping
Skateboard in air and on the ground with different moves.
Castle Clout 3 icon

Castle Clout 3
Eliminate all the kings, knights, princesses and whoever else is in these castles. Avoid hitting monks with your boulder ammo.
Tomb Defender icon

Tomb Defender
The vampire Dracula has hired you for the week while he sleeps! Look after his tomb and defend it from the knights and warriors in this really fun act
Miley Cyrus At Oscars icon

Miley Cyrus At Oscars
Miley is all set to perform at the Oscar ceremony tonight. Help her get dressed as a teen singing sensation so that her looks compliment her song on t
Sheriff The Justice icon

Sheriff The Justice
Your town is in danger, bandits are coming to attack. Being the sheriff in this wild wild west town you have to put a stop to this situation. Save the
Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh icon

Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh
Spongebob Sea Monster Smoosh game. Deep under the ocean floor in search of sea monsters and the treasure they guard.
1 On 1 Soccer icon

1 On 1 Soccer
Choose your country and play against a friend or the computer in a fast-paced 1 on 1 soccer game.
Barbie Bride icon

Barbie Bride
Help Barbie get dressed up for her wedding by choosing the right clothing and jewellery in this fantastic Barbie Bride game.
Sin Car icon

Sin Car
This is a fast paced skills based game in which you need to control the sin car well enough to avoid all obstacles and collect shiny bonus shapes.
ThermoBox icon

ThermoBox is a physics-based puzzle game by MaxGames. Your goal is to melt the ice surrounding the boxes. Destroy blocks with your hammer and guide th
Deadly Venom 3 icon

Deadly Venom 3
The renegade stealth assassin is back to take down the evil empire set on creating a deadly mutant weapon.
Micro Soccer icon

Micro Soccer
Score as many goals as possible. Challenge the CPU, kick the ball and win the match or get owned. Funny Micro Soccer!
Legend Of The Void icon

Legend Of The Void
Battle your way through Calderia using armor, artifacts and tons of cool weapons. Legend of the Void was developed by Obelisk Games.
Perfect Gift icon

Perfect Gift
Lets see how fast your eye for fashion is. Help your boyfriend pick the clothes so you get target look within the time limit.
Rocketville icon

Control the flight of a rocket and try to kill the target number of monsters. Unlock new rockets as you progress.
Kawai Run icon

Kawai Run
Just keep on running, whatever it takes. Watch out for special enemies like bee or ghost. Have fun!
Kung Fu Grandpa icon

Kung Fu Grandpa
Kung Fu Grandpa takes no prisoners. Go nuts with the old guy and you unleash your kung fu powers in this cool action fighter.
City Sniper icon

City Sniper
The sniper action continues with more killing. You have some mission to complete. Read the instructions and try to complete each job as stated in emai
Sticks icon

Sticks is a cool puzzle game presented by Armorgames. Draw sticks and help Bob to get all the golden coins.
Techno Mania icon

Techno Mania
Even a dangerous mechanical landscape cant keep this robot from his mistress. Get our robot back home safely.
I Am Cube icon

I Am Cube
To unlock the exit door you have to chop up all bizarre sticky figures into small pieces. Fight all enemies and try to escape.
Detective Jealous 2 icon

Detective Jealous 2
Play the role of a Private Detective who catches cheating lovers in the act.
Arm Of Revenge icon

Arm Of Revenge
Arm of Revenge is a cool fighting game developed by Funnaut. The objective in this game is to beat up all enemies with 20 different fighting skills.
Cricket Rivals icon

Cricket Rivals
Choose your favorite team, the desired number of overs, and beat the opposing teams score to win the game.
Safari Time icon

Safari Time
Unlike other zebras, this zebra has earned his stripes. Help him venture through the wild and continue his safari in this cool puzzle.
Mushroom Madness 3 icon

Mushroom Madness 3
Defend the mushrooms from the hungry spiders, rabbits, snakes and other animals in Mushroom Madness 3 game.
Gluey 2 icon

Gluey 2
Gluey 2 is the sequel of the popular puzzle game presented by NotDoppler. Clear each level by removing clusters of same-colored Gooey Glue blob creatu
Super Cricket icon

Super Cricket
Play as either India, Pakistan, England, Sri Lanka, South Africa or the Aussies and lets play some super awesome cricket.
I, Lifesaver icon

I, Lifesaver
I, Lifesaver is a cool puzzle game inspired by Red Remover. Aim of the game is to save the drowning beauty before the energy reach zero.
Rocket Chicken icon

Rocket Chicken
Launch this baby chicken into the skies and control it to collect gems and powerups. Your mission is to get as far as possible with your rocket and po
Dynamite Train icon

Dynamite Train
Place sticks of dynamite on the bridge and detonate them at the right time to cause the passing train to fall into the chasm.
Doeoriki icon

Doeoriki is a funny skill game made by Raitendo. The goal of this sequel to Doeo is to collect a given number of Doeorikis at each level to advance to
The Wok icon

The Wok
The Wok is a nice puzzle game, in which you have to free your holy Wok from the evil.
Canoniac Launcher icon

Canoniac Launcher
Canoniac Launcher is a cool shooting game made by Funbun. Use cannons and bombs to launch yourself as far as you can.
Backyard Baseball icon

Backyard Baseball
Backyard Baseball is an addictive arcade style baseball action game. Mission of the game is to complete all 12 challenges with your baseball team.
Feed The King icon

Feed The King
Your task in this funny game is to stack the cakes as high as you can while avoiding obstacles. Then launch the king in the air and eat as many cakes
Decision icon

You are called to free your city from invading zombies. Move fast through the level, find all bloodthirsty undeads and blast them away before they get
Intrusion 2 icon

Intrusion 2
Help the hero to infiltrate a futuristic planet to defeat various alien units and their leaders. Run through the dangerous platform, demolish or move
Helium Rush icon

Helium Rush
In this nice and funny game balloons are fighting against zombies. To defeat the zombies you need to destroy the building with the help of stones that
Acorn Story icon

Acorn Story
Acorn Story comes with a lovely story about a little boy and his magical acorn, which has vanished mysteriously. Help him to explore a dark world and
Air Hockey icon

Air Hockey
Air Hockey is a cool sports game made by Boomware. Try to push the puck into the opposing players goal.
Stinger Zed Mission Undead icon

Stinger Zed Mission Undead
In this cool shooting game you have to help Stinger Zed on his important operation to kill all zombies in the jungle. Use his big bazooka and shoot si
IPL Cricket 2013 icon

IPL Cricket 2013
Show them over with your beastly batting skills. Choose your favorite team and beat the opposing teams score within 2 over to win in this fun cricket
Catwalk Model Makeover icon

Catwalk Model Makeover
This beautiful model is going to run the catwalk for a famous designer tonight. You will be her stylist for the day. First give her a complete makeove
Zombie Shoot icon

Zombie Shoot
Zombies will try to attack you. You have to beat them back as far as you can.
Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2 icon

Inked Up Tattoo Shop 2
Just a couple years ago, tattoos were a little bit taboo and only certain people have had them. In this game, you can try on all sorts of tattoos on t
Run Ninja Run 2 icon

Run Ninja Run 2
Run Ninja Run 2 is an action packed distance game of reflexes and skill. Use your Ninja abilities to run, jump and slice your enemies.
Madness Hydraulic icon

Madness Hydraulic
Madness Hydraulic is a cool fighting game inspired by Thing Thing. Fight against of enemies and attempt to stay alive.
Tequila Zombies 2 icon

Tequila Zombies 2
Pick up weapons, tequila bottles, and chili peppers that slain zombies drop. Earn as much cash as possible and try to survive the required number of w
Disaster Will Strike 3 icon

Disaster Will Strike 3
Disaster Will Strike 3 is a fun puzzle game. You must use several supernatural events to cause the ultimate destruction and to smash all little dinosa
Office Time Waster Champion icon

Office Time Waster Champion
Have you got the skills to toss the paper ball into the bin for every working hour of the day? Lets find out.
Storm Ops 4 icon

Storm Ops 4
Storm Ops 4 is an awesome shooting game. Defend your base till the last breath. Aim carefully to get rid of all invaders and gain cash to purchase new
Zomboz icon

Нou have to help our hero to kill all zombies in each level. Use the gun and fire a limited number of balls to destroy your aims on various planets.
Poltergifts icon

Unwrap your Xmas gifts and survive the horde of Poltergeists and other evil toys.
Holy Sword Struggle 2 icon

Holy Sword Struggle 2
Monsters have broken the lands quietness. As the son of king, it is your time to prepare for fighting with your warriors.
Goalkeeper icon

Play as the fantastic goalkeeper and help your team to win the football match, but prevent from getting hit by stone bricks.
Deep Sea Hunter icon

Deep Sea Hunter
Dive into the harrowing depths of the deep sea and explore the underwater world. Develop your submarine that will help you explore deeper into the unk
World Basketball Championship icon

World Basketball Championship
World Basketball Championship is a funny basketball game. Aim of the game is to shoot the basket-ball into the hoop.
Hippolyta icon

Hippolyta is a brutally journey through medieval times and a hard test of your reaction time. Ride your horse, avoid obstacles like stones or branches
Nightflies icon

Nightflies is a funny physics-based puzzle game. Use a limited number of ladybugs to remove objects in order to clear the way for the cute nightflies
Nekra Psaria 4 icon

Nekra Psaria 4
You need to check through all scenes of the point-and-click puzzle game Nekra Psaria 4 to find useful stuff and hints.
Destructo Dog 2 icon

Destructo Dog 2
The cool, heavily armed dog from Mars planet is back and ready for more devastation. Help him to make his way through the city, shoot as much enemy ca
Zombie Rage icon

Zombie Rage
In a post-apocalyptic future zombies took over your city. Try to reach the roof of your building to escape that bloody madness. Purchase weapons, gain
Icegirl Fireboy Adventure icon

Icegirl Fireboy Adventure
This is an interesting skill game. Fireboy must protect Icegirl and complete duty.
Castle Clout icon

Castle Clout
Time the launch of your trebuchets ammunition to cause maximum damage to the opposing castle and its occupants.
Spec Ops icon

Spec Ops
Drop down into Iraq shoot down terrorists with your M-16 and kill Osama Bin Laden.
Xiao Xiao 4 icon

Xiao Xiao 4
Xiao Xiao no.4 presents a shooting game with a great flash movie finale tres matrix-esqe.
Shadow of the Hamunaptra icon

Shadow of the Hamunaptra
The is an Indiana Jones style adventure game where you have to jump over spikes, get under moving walls and some how make it out alive in your quest f
Cogitate icon

Collect the ten Golden Gears to get the IET Robot working again.
Bash The Computer icon

Bash The Computer
Remember all those frustrating times, when you're in the middle of something really important and your computer crashes? It's even worse when you have
SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma icon

SpongeBob Delivery Dilemma
Help Spongebob deliver ingredients to the Krusty Krab without getting out off the road.
Cover Orange 2 icon

Cover Orange 2
Make sure the smiley faced fruit is protected from the deadly rain. Use your mouse to place all objects and wait for the cloud to pass by.
Air Traffic Chief icon

Air Traffic Chief
Organize the busy skies and guide the planes and helicopters to a safe landing. You can land the planes on either runway and exclamation marks let you
Gazzoline Deluxe icon

Gazzoline Deluxe
You are the only employee of Gazzoline Filling Station. Attend your clients, fill the tanks, serve food, collect money and buy the appropriate upgrade
Kaban Sheep icon

Kaban Sheep
Help a friendly wild boar with his job as sheep dog. He'll have to guide the clumsy sheep to their sheepfold, taking advantage of the great items scat
LA Traffic Mayhem icon

LA Traffic Mayhem
Traffic in Los Angeles is not good. Manage the traffic lights and take care of the traffic. Click on the traffic lights to stop or go, don't cause a c
Super Dad icon

Super Dad
Give your mom a break. Let Super Dad take care of the baby instead!
Jungle Treasures 2 icon

Jungle Treasures 2
You are a treasures hunter, your goal is to try to collect all of the treasures in each level. Treasures are hidden in the chests. Find all of the che
Texas Saloon icon

Texas Saloon
Play the role of the gorgeus Jennifer Rose as she becomes a waitress in this Wild West bar in old Texas. Serve drinks, make your customers happy and k
AzureFish icon

Swim and dive your way through hoops and schools of fish as prove your skill and wit.
Lazy Liz icon

Lazy Liz
Try to reach the target and avoid obstacles on your way as you switch from peg to peg. Avoid the walls, fireballs and electric balls.
Mansion Defender icon

Mansion Defender
All kinds of evil are coming to knock down your doors! Evil disgusting alien and monster hordes are attacking and using your big arsenal of amazingly-
Run Ninja Run icon

Run Ninja Run
Run Ninja Run! You are a ninja that has escaped your assailants. Jump, slide and attack at the right moment. Your skills will be tested.
Happy Builder icon

Happy Builder
You are in the Builder of the year challenge and you need to show your building skills. Drag and drop pieces with your crane and construct the specifi
Fire Truck icon

Fire Truck
Carefully drive your fire truck filled with water over the terrain and put out the fires.
Papas Taco Mia icon

Papas Taco Mia
Help our young workers Mitch and Maggie take orders, cook the meals, and build some tasty tacos in Papas Taco Mia.
Nick Toldy icon

Nick Toldy
Nick Toldy is an awesome adventure game made by Red Herring Labs. Help Nick Toldy to slay a dragon and to rescue the princess.
City Siege 3 icon

City Siege 3
City Siege 3 is an awesome action game developed by ThePodge. The bad guys are plotting world domination again and its up to you and your army to stop
Aircraft Parking icon

Aircraft Parking
After your first flight as a professional pilot all you need to do now is park your bird up at the terminal. Dodge all the busy traffic and get your p
Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack icon

Crush The Castle 2 Players Pack
Crush the castle is back and once again you control a rockthrowing trebuchet intent on destroy some castles and kings.
Obama Crazy Tale icon

Obama Crazy Tale
Help President Barack Obama on his mission to rescue the fairy from the Land of Tales in this neat point and click adventure.
Sieged icon

Your castle is under siege. Stop enemies hitting them with anything you can.
Shopping Cart Hero 3 icon

Shopping Cart Hero 3
Shopping Cart Hero 3 is an awesome distance game. Take your shopping cart, run down the hill and launch the trolley hero as far as possible.
Lazy Ass icon

Lazy Ass
Launch your lazy ass from chair to chair to grab all the snacks. Then make your way back to the TV. Watch out for monsters and spikes.
Papas Freezeria icon

Papas Freezeria
Your mission in this new installment of Papa Louies restaurant series is simple: Manage an icecream shop and keep your clients happy.
Youda Sushi Chef icon

Youda Sushi Chef
Youda Sushi Chef is a cool restaurant management game created by YoudaGames. Make sushi and serve your customers to keep them happy.
Blockoomz icon

In the physics-based puzzle game Blockoomz you have to remove all blocks from the platform. For this just let the bombs explode, but beware of hitting
Crane icon

Crane is a physics-based skill game. Your mission is to transport the cradle and its cargo. Click and hold an item to drag it around.
Rocket Panda icon

Rocket Panda
As Rocket Panda your mission is to protect Biscuit Land from the evil invading forces. So suit up and get gunning!
Apple Cannon icon

Apple Cannon
Apple Cannon is a funny shooting game developed by Gamezhero. Fill a bucket with apples using your large gun.
The Last Stand Union City icon

The Last Stand Union City
Your mission in the latest Last Stand series is to fight off all the zombies in Union City. As you look around the abandoned city full of hordes of un
Accurate Slapshot icon

Accurate Slapshot
In this fun hockey-simulation game you have to maneuver your stick to control and shoot the puck at the goal. Aim precisely and use helpful objects to
Cardboard Box Assembler icon

Cardboard Box Assembler
Collect keys to escape the cardboard box and find gems to unlock hidden worlds.
Silent Killer 2 icon

Silent Killer 2
Try to kill all soldiers from the other front. You only have a few bullets left. Make sure to kill them all to win.
Angry Girls icon

Angry Girls
Its angry birds for girls. Some dirty thieves have stolen your friends clothes. Time to catch them and exact some awesome revenge.
Save The Eggs icon

Save The Eggs
Save the Eggs is a funny skill game. Use your mouse to travel eggs from one side to another. Be careful!
The Restaurant Manager icon

The Restaurant Manager
After 5 years of hard studying you become the Restaurant Manager. You are the one to manage this special dinner place.
William And Sly 2 icon

William And Sly 2
Control the fox Sly through the platform and collect fairy dust, keys and mushrooms.
Lost On The Lost Planet icon

Lost On The Lost Planet
You are a young astronaut on your first mission on a rocky planet but you got lost. To get back to your space ship jump through the levels by using th
Camelot Smashalot icon

Camelot Smashalot
Camelot Smashalot is a funny castle crushing game. Catapult crazy chicken, cows, pigs, holy hand grenades and rabbits at the French fortresses.
Katpow Express icon

Katpow Express
Why go to an asian restaurant when you can run one! Whether its in the alley, kitchen, or front counter you must watch out for your stock, burnt items
Clear Vision 5 icon

Clear Vision 5
Clear Vision 5 is a cool shooting game. Help the sticky contract murder to earn money for killing people. Take care of a clear sight of your victims a
Precision Strike icon

Precision Strike
Precision Strike is a great physics-based shooting game, adjust the throwing angle and power with your mouse. Throw the grenades on the enemies who hi
Trunc N Duck icon

Trunc N Duck
Trunc N Duck is a nice shooting game developed by Games Nitro. You are an Duck Elephant hybrid and your mission is to kill little monsters with your b
Truck Loader icon

Truck Loader
Your mission is to load the waiting carrier as quickly as possible. Move boxes around with your magnetic arm and stack them in the labeled area of the
Super Parking World 2 icon

Super Parking World 2
Super Parking World 2 is a tricky car parking game from Candystand. Aim of the game is to park your car in different spots before the time runs out.
Bobby Nutcase And The Acrobat Smashers icon

Bobby Nutcase And The Acrobat Smashers
The clown Bobby Nutcase with his cool canon is back. Use the flying acrobats as human bullets and smash forms and blast all skeletons in each level aw
City Siege Sniper icon

City Siege Sniper
Take on the role of alone sniper in the City Siege universe and save SNAFU Island from the Baddies.
Evil Forest icon

Evil Forest
A meteorite fell from sky and the big madness came over Ethariake forest, where everything turns evil. As the last hero it is your mission to clean th
Creative Kill Chamber 2 icon

Creative Kill Chamber 2
Creative Kill Chamber 2 is another cool stickman shooting game made by ESP Animation. Your friend has been kidnapped and trapped in a Creative Kill Ch
Air Shooting icon

Air Shooting
Use your shooting skills and shoot down enemy balloons before time runs out and complete the levels.
G-Switch icon

G-Switch is another cool one button skill game. Run, jump and switch the gravity to pass all 8 checkpoints.
Zombie Trapper 2 icon

Zombie Trapper 2
You have to face off hordes of ugly undeads on their way. Go on your mission to defeat them all.
This Is The Only Level 2 icon

This Is The Only Level 2
Do you like spikes and elephants? Do you like games with just one level? Ok, this is your game - This is the only Level 2.
US Traffic icon

US Traffic
US Traffic is a cool car traffic management game where you have to control a big American highway crossroad.
Artillery Rush 2 icon

Artillery Rush 2
Artillery Rush 2 is a fun physics-based cannon shooting game. Shoot different ammo to the enemies base in order to raze it to the ground and kill all
Nutty Mania icon

Nutty Mania
Collect all acorns by launching squirrels out of Mammoths trunk.
Funny Santa Gift Serves icon

Funny Santa Gift Serves
Help Santa to give gifts to the kids. Catch the hanging gift item and serve it to the kids. To serve the gift item to a kid, click on the gift item an
Kids Vs Ice Cream icon

Kids Vs Ice Cream
Your goal is to defend your delivery van from crazy children with your ice cream cannon. These kids are obsessed with ice cream, and they will climb o
Vampire Physics icon

Vampire Physics
Vampire Physics is a cool puzzle game. Your mission is to turn all humans into vampires.
Spider Stickman 3 icon

Spider Stickman 3
Lead the sticky spiderman through the Flappy Bird-themed scenes. Avoid crashes and use your super powers.
World Zombies Cup icon

World Zombies Cup
Run around the pitch and try to bite others to spread the incurable virus but steer clear of the referee or he will shoot you.
Beaver Blocks icon

Beaver Blocks
Beaver Blocks is a fun physics-based puzzle game. Click the wooden block to remove it, and get beaver to the nest.
Cross Fire Snake icon

Cross Fire Snake
Player can check enemy positions through the radar on the left up corner. Shoot accurately as headshot will give you a higher score.
Monsterland 4 icon

Monsterland 4
Monsterland 4 is a lovely physics-based block removal puzzle game. Solve puzzles and pop blocks to get rid of the stacks. Your object in each level is
Epic Combo icon

Epic Combo
Epic Combo is a game about turtles or something! Hit turtles with a giant hammer to create the most epic combination of moves, jumps, shots and explos
Sydney Shark icon

Sydney Shark
Sydney Shark is great shark action game by Mausland. Mission of this game is to eat or destroy anything that moves on the beach of Sydney.
Spongebob Mad Shooting icon

Spongebob Mad Shooting
Help SpongeBob to hit the apple down in the each level.
Eye Surgery icon

Eye Surgery
Warning! Dont try this at home. You will need to replace Miss Wilsons clouded lens also known as cataract with an artificial lens.
Jump Santa Jump icon

Jump Santa Jump
Jump Santa Jump is a funny game. Santa Claus needs to jump up the stairs, collect gifts for kids without falling down.
Whack Your Computer icon

Whack Your Computer
You are having trouble with your computer. Search the room and find up to 12 solutions to Whack Your Computer.
Range Man icon

Range Man
Range Man is a funny adventure game. Lead the pixel hero through the platform to the exit door, avoiding traps and beware of creepy monsters, and coll
Acid Bunny 2 icon

Acid Bunny 2
Help Bunny and his team win the game through all levels.
Pyjama Jump icon

Pyjama Jump
Your goal is to reach the red landing pad before your competitors. Try to collect coins on your way and use them for upgrading your air speed and traj
Super Sports Surgery Basketball icon

Super Sports Surgery Basketball
No one will believe, that you are somebody else than a doctor in the Super Sports Surgery Basketball simulation. Somehow the whole team got injured du
Spider Stickman 7 icon

Spider Stickman 7
Clash of clans is the latest installment of the popular 2D side-scrolling action platform game. Use your mouse to throw the spider web to hopefully st

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